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About Barun

‘The Right Company
for the Patient’s Quality of Life’
Beginning with the hospital specializing in hemodialysis
since 2008, we became sympathetic

to the lives of hemodialysis patients as we accompanied them every step of the way.
We became aware of the difficulties faced by the patients that were obstructing them from receiving quality-dialysis,

and we wanted to guarantee a quality-dialysis regardless of the patient’s location.
Barun began manufacturing the hemodialysis machine supplies and medical devices with the hope
that anyone could have an opportunity
to right dialysis without worrying about the medical expenses and to increase each patient’s quality of life.
Hemodialysis patients and medical staffs have contributed to the development and improvement of our products
with what they have felt and learned at the field.
Barun will strive to provide good quality products with reasonable price,high-quality design, along with the best service.
Barun will continue to put endless efforts
to produce right products from the customers’ perspective.
Thank you.

We only do what’s right,for you to be
"당신의 안녕을 위해 우리는 옳은 것만을 합니다"

Barun's Three Promises"What you want,
That's what Barun has to do."

바른의 3가지 약속“당신이 바라는 것,
그것이 바로 바른이 해야 할 일입니다.”

  • Reasonable price합리적인 가격

  • High quality design고품격의 디자인

  • Best service최상의 서비스

Barun’s SDGs"For a better tomorrow,
For a clean future on this planet."

바른의 지속가능경영보다 나은 내일을 위해,
이 지구의 깨끗한 미래를 위해

  • Good Health
    and Well-Being
    Our company has secured products and technology based on the motto of “Good Health and Well-Being,” and our products allow many hemodialysis patients regardless of borders to receive high-quality dialysis with reasonable prices and high-quality specifications. Consequently, we can reduce mortality due to kidney failure, etc.

    In line with the goal of 'reducing premature deaths from non-infectious diseases by one-third (1/3) by 2030 and promoting mental health and well-being through prevention and treatment, our company is striving to raise awareness of hemodialysis by inviting medical staff from developing countries to Korea and holding hemodialysis-related education and seminars.

  • Climate
    Our company is contributing to minimizing climate change and its effects by developing an eco-friendly DHEP* FREE blood line using new materials.
    *DEHP: It is the abbreviation of ‘Di-EthylHexyl Phthalate’, which is classified as an environmental hormone and can cause fatal diseases in humans.

    We are striving to continuously develop eco-friendly products with a sense of responsibility for our impact on the environment. The dialysis machine that we are currently developing also aims to reduce plastic emissions and to be used for more than 10 years. In addition, through weekly meetings, we collect ideas for environmental protection practices and conduct business ethically.

  • Gender
    Our company has achieved the goal of gender equality with more than 50% female executives and plans to continue hiring more female employees.

  • Peace, Justice and
    Strong Institutions
    In line with 'Develop an effective, transparent and accountable system at every stage', our company operates the corporation transparently by publicizing the usage of corporate card of president and reporting details with supporting receipts to the management team.

280, Gilju-ro, Bucheon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea ( Floor 4 , #406 Ho) #14548

CEO: Eun-Sil Jeong Tel: (+82) 32.321.9497 Fax: (+82) 32.321.9497 Email: